Yasukochi Farm Box Fundraiser

We have partnered with the Yasukochi family farm, to provide fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.  They will donate a portion of the proceeds back to HTH.

Buy a box of produce for yourself and/or gift a box to a teacher/staff at HTH. 

Click HERE to place your order by April 22nd

Next delivery date: May 1st from 1pm-4pm 

(any product not picked up during this window will be donated to the staff) 

Choose either a regular or jumbo box (10-15 different types of seasonal fruits/vegetables): 

And/or choose some locally sourced add-ons (you do not need to order a Farm Box to order these add-ons):




For questions, please contact

Please note that while this is a joint fundraiser with HTeX PA and we are using their ordering and payment software, all funds raised will go back to HTH.

Click HERE to place your order

Apply the promo code to your account and send 10% back to HTH.  

"Dollars For Doers", partner in your student's success  

The Fall campaign, Dollars For Doers, Partner In Your Student's Success has ended for this year 2023-24. Thank you to everyone who donated.   

The funds go directly into the classroom in the form of staff grants which can be used for fieldwork, classroom and project supplies, and technology. 

The rest of the funds are set aside in an HTH Collaborative to help those families in need in our community. Past needs have included groceries, utilities, rent and seed money for the HTH Fashion Show. 

Our goal is 100% participation at a suggested donation of $50 per student. 

Questions about Dollars For Doers:

Who is the HTH PA?

If you are a parent, guardian, teacher, you are a member of the HTH Parent Association. 

What does the HTH PA raise funds for?

Each year the HTH PA works hard to raise money to DIRECTLY support our children's classrooms. Our top 3 priorities are Field Work, Technology and Project Materials

Check out the HTH Parent Association website to see the ways your Dollars For Doers funds were used in the past few years. 

We will also be donating a portion of the proceeds to the HTH Collaborative which was created in 2020 to provide funds to those in our community who are in need.

OUR GOAL: Of course, we would love 100% participation from families however we recognize that some in our community are not in a position to give. Please know that no donation is too small or too big and ANY AND ALL donations are appreciated ($5, $10, $20). Let's see if we can make our GOAL of $15,000, which is approximately $50 per student. 

You are under no obligation to donate.  If you choose to make a donation, you can use this Paypal link or drop cash or a check off at the front desk. Checks should be made payable to HTH Parent Association. Any questions, please send an email to 

Thank you! 

Your HTH Parent Association


1.    Email and to let us know the match/DAF is coming

2.    For matching, the employee should contact their HR dept to see if they should make the donation to us first and then notify their employer that they have done it, or if they should give the donation to the employer first, and the employer will match it and send in the whole thing.

a.     If the employee is to send us their donation first, have them donate online or send payment to the address below. Have them include their contact information and HTeX PA as the school they are donating to.

b.    If the employer wants the employee to give them the donation first, the employer will then send the Foundation a check at the address below or ACH for the donated amount plus the match all together.  Again, please indicate HTeX PA as the school they are donating to.



1.    Name of Charity: “High Tech High Foundation”

2.    Tax ID: 33-0866869

3.    Contact: Susan Wiczynski, HTH Foundation Treasurer, 619-933-9883 (cell)

4.    Physical checks can be addressed to High Tech High Foundation, 2861 Womble Rd, San Diego CA 92016 and can be payable to HIGH TECH HIGH FOUNDATION.

5.    If by ACH/wire:

a.     ACH routing # is 121000358

b.    Wire routing # is 026009593

c.     Account number is 325170411673

d.    Address:Bank of America, 8813 Villa La Jolla Dr., La Jolla CA 92037

e.    Name: High Tech High Foundation

Let's Get A PPE Kit For Every HTH Student!  

Please consider sponsoring a student, class, staff or whole team! We would like every HTH student to recieve a PPE kit on the first day of school.  Sponsorships are: 

Student - $5 each 

Class - 28 kits or $140

Team or Staff - 56 kits or $280

Grade - 125 kits or $625

***All sponsors will receive acknowledgment for their gift in the HTH newsletter and on social media. 

The kit contains:

*2 KN95 Masks

*4 Nitrile gloves 

*10 antiseptic wipes 

Suggested donation $5 per kit 

Make a donation online below or pay with cash/check at HTH

Staff Appreciation Week 

 May 1st-4th 2023

Let's raise some funds to appreciate our wonderful HTH staff and all that they do for our students and school.

Your HTH Parent Association asked the staff and they asked for appreciation messages, Amazon gift cards and lunch. 

Help us make that happen!  You can make your donation here

Donations will be accepted through March 23rd