Project Grants

HTH Dollars For Doers Annual Campaign provides funding for a variety of projects that meet the following criteria:

1. Field Work: HTH teachers are committed to enriching our children's educational experiences by investigating the world and businesses in our community. 

2. Technology: monitors, printers, cameras, chrome books, 3D printers, labs. Each year, we need to upgrade and replace technology items. As you know, these items are the access to information. For our children, technology is their textbook. 

3. Project Materials and classroom supplies: Materials and tools are needed to build the amazing projects that you see at the exhibitions held throughout the year. 

The money we raise makes a difference in our child's educational experience! 

22-23 Staff Grants Approved:

2022-23 HTH Collaborative Funded: 

21-22 Staff grants approved:

2021-22 HTH Collaborative Funded: 

Thank you so much for supporting me in my goals of studying abroad this summer. I had the best summer of my life by studying my favorite Language (Arabic) making connections and family through my peers and host family and overall enrichment in a foreign country. I would love for my story to continue inspiring younger high tech high students with the opportunity of studying abroad, as it is a life changing experience!  - Zamzam, 11th grade

2020-21 projects your donations have funded: 

Here are some of the 2019-20 projects your donations have funded: 

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